Maximilian Jobst


  • Since 09/2022 PhD thesis
  • 2022 Master Thesis “Authophagy activators and inhibitors in the modulation of mechanotransduction of T24 bladder cancer cells”
  • 2019-2022 Master´s program "Food Chemistry" at the University of Vienna
  • 2019 Bachelor Thesis "Characterization of immunoprecipitates for the analysis of biomarker candidates"


Poster Presentations

  • 04/2023 Jobst M., Hossain M., Kiss E., Del Favero G.: “Alternative Modes of Mitochondrial Toxicity: Multimodal Localization Of Mitochondria And Metabolic Markers”, DoSChem Retreat Panel B, Fürstenfeld, Austria
  • 09/2022 Jobst M., Kiss E., Gerner Ch., Marko D., Del Favero G., Exploring Toxicological Implications for Krüppel-like Factors, ASTOX Symposium, Vienna, Austria